Day 1: Evening

We loaded our stuff into the canoes and paddled about a kilometre or two until we came upon a likely-looking campsite, far from any sign of human presence. We'd been in the city that morning: as cliché as it may sound, it was as though we'd entered another space and time.

The first night was a beautiful one. The mosquitos were somewhere else and the only sounds were water lapping and loons calling. Some of the guys took the canoes out and caught and released a few pickerel. Leif and I sat by the fire and watched. And drank Jack Daniels and hot, strong coffee brewed over the fire. "Unbelievable!" said Leif: this was to become the motif of our trip. Unbelievable. Evening scene
Photo: fishing silhouetted against sky and water I tried fishing from the shore and didn't get a bite.

Every time people see this picture they exclaim, What a beautiful picture! Every time I see this picture, I exclaim, Who's that geek in the short pants?


Home, Sweet Home