Canoeing in Northern Saskatchewan
Day 2: 26 km
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The morning was clear, sunny, and windless. Wes, Paz and I loaded our stuff in one canoe; Leif and Jeff were in the other. We took on more baggage since their canoe held the food pack, all 200-odd pounds of it. (Jeff chose to be official food-pack-carrier , as this is the one load that gets lighter as the trip progresses.) Anyone who lugged that thing over a few portages deserves to have it get lighter.

Photo of sheer rock face and jack pines This far north, we're well into the Canadian Shield. The islands up here are mostly rock, with jack pines almost miraculously putting down roots.
Photo of more rocks along the water

Even though it was still early June, the morning was very warm. We counted either 17 bald-headed eagles, or one or both of a pair 17 times. No matter. At one point, the pair of them flew right over our canoe, low enough for us to see the texture of the ir feathers. We paddled about 15 km before pulling up to a wide sandy beach to have lunch.


Home, Sweet Home