Day 2: Afternoon and Evening

Photo of a tiny little pin-head sticking out of green water

Here's where I earned my bravery points, thanks to my womanly layer of fat. None of the guys dared braving the icy waters.

Lunch was fresh apple slices, jalapeño cheese fondue, and sourdough bread.

After lunch, we set out for Stewart Rapids, about 11 km downstream. The sky was getting progressively cloudier and by early evening, the clouds ahead of us were looking dark and ominous. They were also flashing bursts of lightning. We stopped to put on ou r rain suits. This definitely had me worried: we had 4-5 km to go before the next portage, and the way I saw it, we were the highest points on the water. We were set up to be fried.

Then it started pouring.

My fears, as they say, were unfounded. The worst we suffered was getting really wet. This portage is a short one and the path is very clear. We scurried back and forth like ants. Leif, the Nordic giant, grabbed a canoe, hoisted it over his head and ran pa st me on the trail.

After we hauled all our stuff down to the edge of the water, the rain slowly petered out. We were cold and wet and slightly miserable. Not for long, though! While the rest of us gathered wood and set up the tents and tarps, Jeff started cooking. This had to be one of the best meals we ate.

Here's the menu:

  • Barbecued venison steaks
  • Roasted sliced potatoes with butter and garlic
  • Caesar salad
  • Gene's homemade red wine
  • Photo of Jeff cooking


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