Canoeing in Northern Saskatchewan
Day 3:12 km
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Photo of us sitting out the wind

Though this day in any other circumstances would have been a beautiful one, we were in trouble. There was a wind and we were heading right into it. As soon as we hit the wide portion of Paull River, we were into some pretty rough waves. We stayed close to the west shore, but nevertheless battled huge waves as we headed out across the open part of the river. The three of us pretty much had to put heads down and paddle straight into the waves.

Gene and Jeff headed across to the east side, a bad move. They got as far as the tip of the point sticking out from the east shore, about 2 km from our departure point. The waves were so bad that they ducked behind the point for a quick rest, then tried to round the tip to follow us. These were two big men paddling as hard as they could, and they couldn't get around the point. The waves and the wind were right in their faces and it was a long time before they managed to pull out and face the awful trip across the water to catch up with us.

Once they had caught up to us, we headed out again but made poor time over a km or two, so we ditched on a tiny, steep island somewhere before the river starts to narrow again. We ended up spending most of the day here, watching the waves, reading, and eating GORP and chocolate chip pecan cookies. The fishing was terrible.

I didn't mind this day too much, once the hellish paddling was over--got a fair ways into John Irving's A Son of the Circus. And we saw a moose on the opposite shore.


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