Day 3: Evening

Darkness, a campfire, and a man with a
light shining from his forehead.By the time we got back to camp it was getting late and we ended up eating in the dark. Luckily, Jeff had his handy head-lamp along.

Having this lamp along was especially fortunate because one good shot of Jack Daniels was enough to cause me to fall into the lake when I washed my face after everyone else had gone to bed. I'd leaned over the water with my glasses in my shirt pocket. When they fell out into the lake the momentum was enough to make me fall in after them. I stumbled out on the slippery rock and peered around in the dark (this was no easy task, my being nearly blind without the darn things, which were now lying, for all I knew, at the bottom of the lake). Finally, my fingers touched on the head lamp lying on a tree stump beside some wet socks. I flipped it open, put it on, and discovered my glasses gleaming on the rock in about a foot of water.

Moral: There's no sense washing when you're on a canoe trip.


Home, Sweet Home