Canoeing in Northern Saskatchewan
Day 4: 26 km
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The next morning was gorgeous: sun shining, no wind. I found a spoon lying at about 4 feet underwater, and managed to snag it. This was fortuitous, since Wes and I had forgotten to pack cutlery and he'd been eating out of his hands.

We travelled about 10 km downstream to Tuck Falls. This was probably the hottest day of the entire trip, and by the time we'd gone 9 km, I was hurtin'. I could barely paddle the last hundred strokes to the portage.

Photo of a waterfall. These falls are gorgeous--very wide and with a steep drop-off. Who'd have thought this would be a great place for leeches? I stood in a 5-inch-deep pool of fast-moving water at the top for a couple minutes and came out with hundreds of tiny baby black leeches stuck onto my feet. Leif said he and a couple others had stood, minimally clothed (or was it buck naked?) under the falls for a photo a few years back. They came out with big ones all over.



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