Day 4

Photo of a guy with a fish.

Rock face and jack pines.

After lunch, we did a short 8 km paddle to the top of a nearby gorge. Gene said he thought there were a few good pickerel holes in the rapids at the bottom. The bottom of the gorge is a short hike down on a fairly clear path (a km or two) and well worth it just to see the sheer rock face rising up from the water. There were a couple of holes here where you could just drop the line in and watch the pickerel take your hook, but they were small holes and few. I gave up and ate M&M's and read some more of A Son of the Circus. (Tip: Do not attempt to canoe without chocolate.

When we'd been there about an hour and caught enough for supper, we went on our way.

From here we moved into lower, almost swampy areas. The portages here seem poorly travelled, and we battled muddy trails and fallen trees. We were exhausted--even so, I wouldn't have minded looking further for a nicer spot, but we had to stop or risk serious fatigue. We set up camp on a soggy little point in an unnamed lake just before McIntosh Lake. I imagined it looked like a good spot for bears.


Home, Sweet Home