Canoeing in Northern Saskatchewan
Day 5: 29 km
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The morning dawned cool and grey. We had pancakes for breakfast, then started getting packed up to go. Jeff walked to the edge of the water, brushed his teeth, washed his face, and fell into the lake.

Moral: There's no sense washing when you're on a canoe trip.

Photo of calm grey water, and grey sky 
demarcated by a line of trees. We were about to portage into McIntosh Lake and wanted to get an early start before any wind came up. McIntosh is huge and a bit of wind can make the going difficult.

As it turned out, there was no wind. We were even able to do a bit of fishing around some of the islands. But by this time I was sick of fishing. At one spot there was a pike with a horseshoe-shaped scar Paz had already caught and released once. It kept coming after my lure--and got itself caught three times. It was a darn' nuisance. I reeled in and read.


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