Day 6: Afternoon

Man holding a pickerel We travelled about 14 km to the bottom of Clark Falls where there were some good pickerel holes. The guys fished until we had enough for lunch--fried pickerel and pan-fried bannock with blueberry jam.

Two satisfied-looking men each with a
foot on their camouflaged canoe, wearing canvas out-back hats and camo

Here is a photo of the Jungle Jim twins and their camo canoe.

The last portage before we camped at the base of the Great Devil Rapids is one of the worst portages on this trip. Only nine hundred metres long, it's soggy and hilly and full of mosquitoes. It's so full of mosquitoes you can hardly breathe. However, once you're through that, you're only a couple hundred feet from a well-used, comfortable camp site with a couple beautiful, large stone hearths set up.


Home, Sweet Home