Canoeing in Northern Saskatchewan
Day 7: 13 km
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The last day was bright and sunny, and we managed to line or run all of Little Devil Rapids. After going down the first set of Little Devil, we stopped and fished in the eddies for a while. I was totally bored with fishing, and the current kept catching the canoe and pulling it downstream.

Fortunately, there was a handy rock nearby to which we could anchor ourselves.

Photo of three people in a canoe

We had plenty of time today, so we fished onto Devil Lake, fished at Murry rapids and at Murray falls.

Then, off we headed for Otter Rapids. After portaging all our gear down, we ran Otter Rapids. As I said, I don't like adventure. But what a hoot! I highly recommend this experience. Next time, I'll do it in a life jacket.

Photo of canoeists going down Otter

Photo of all of us in front of
Osprey Wings Ltd.Although Otter Lake is huge and the last stretch to Missinipi can be really tough, this time it wasn't too full of waves. The last 10 km, though it seemed long, wasn't tough.

Here we are looking all rough and shoddy. From left to right: Jeff, me, Wes, Paz, and Gene (Leif).

Next stop, McDonald's in Prince Albert! (I know it sounds yecchy, but boy did a Big Mac ever taste good then...)

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