How I Spent My Summer Holidays
Or, Canoeing in Northern Saskatchewan
Summer 1996

I'm not that fond of fishing. Strenuous outdoor exertion in inclement weather isn't far above dropping a cindercrete brick on an ingrown toenail on my list of Things I Really Want to Do Before I Die. My idea of a good holiday is driving over to Titles boo kstore, buying two or three novels, going right back home, and spending the week on my couch with some really good chocolate and a few bottles of a nice Beaujolais, lost (but not dangerously so), in a virtual reality created with care by a good novelist.

So what better way to spend my summer vacation than to go on a six-day, 85-km, 17-portage canoe trip with four adventurous rapids-seeking and increasingly smelly Hunter-Fishermen?

I was prepared for the worst.


Home, Sweet Home